Partner with Me


Partner with Me

Welcome & Thank You for showing interest in collaborating with me, Tami Brothers!

My site and social media channels are dedicated to showcasing the books I have written; as well as an adventurous, active and luxurious lifestyle through my passion for food, travel and daily glimpses into my crazy life! My husband and I have traveled extensively all over the world and we are always dreaming up our next great adventure. While traveling, we enjoy exploring the local food & cultural scenes which have inspired my love of recipe creation (LOL, see my posts about my disastrous attempts at cooking), as well as staying in unique & luxurious accommodations suited for each style of trip.

I am currently working full-time in the corporate world, while writing during spare moments. I also spend quite a bit of time riding around in the golf cart with my husband while he chases that little white ball across the grass. :) I have a Bachelor’s degree in English and Masters degree in Business. I’m an avid reader, as well as an amateur photographer. My husband and I have ran in many half marathons and are training to participate in distance rides with our road bicycles. As for the golf, I’m NOT a golfer. But I do love to ride around and enjoy the camaraderie (and drinks) with our friends.

I’m open to providing work on many assignments such as but not limited to: Sponsored Posts, Guest Writing, Social Media Postings, Event/Brand Coverage, etc.

Thank you so much for considering me for your work!

Tami Brothers