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March 25, 2008

Websites – Ugghhh!

Post #4 Now that you have somewhat of an idea about the time and money building a website entails, I want to give you a wakeup […]
March 21, 2008

Websites – Guest Blogger

As promised, I have a guest blogger for you today. Devon Gray is a wonderfully energetic person and her enthusiasm for life really shows through in […]
March 20, 2008

Cool Movie – The Invisible

I just loved this movie, The Invisible. I saw the trailer for it at the movie theatre while I was watching another movie and even though […]
March 18, 2008

Creating a Website – Post #3

Post #3 As you can see from the previous posts, setting up a website was not a spur of the moment decision for me. The decision […]
March 15, 2008

Can I have some cheese with my whine???

Whew! This has been a killer week. Let me rephrase that. It’s been a killer month. I’ve been scrambling like crazy to get my house finished […]
March 14, 2008

Websites – Getting Started

Websites Post #2 Creating a website is a big decision, especially if you’re an unpublished writer. It’s also a huge commitment of your time. I went […]
March 9, 2008

Websites – Do I or don’t I Need One?

Do I really need a Website? Like I said in my article (which will be posted Monday afternoon – I promise!!!), this answer is completely up […]
March 4, 2008

Books I’m Reading

I’m copying the blurb from Rita Herron’s website below… A COLD CASE HEATING UP…Southern summers were notoriously hot. But when a series of deadly fires blazed […]
March 3, 2008

Awesome Workshop

It’s been a few weeks and I still can’t get this guy out of my head. Who am I talking about? Bob Mayer, of course. My […]
February 28, 2008

Books I’m Reading

I copied this blurb from Jennifer LeBrecque’s website – – This big, bad bounty hunter can handle anything. Or can he? Cade Stone can’t believe Sunny […]
February 26, 2008

My Next Thirty Years

I love the song, In My Next Thirty Years, by Tim McGraw. I first heard this song when I was 28. 30 was just over the […]
February 25, 2008

When One Door Closes

Do you know how many times we hear the message – when one door closes, another one opens? At the time, it’s hard for the person […]
February 21, 2008

Announcement – 2008 M&M Conference

This is an announcement from my local writing chapter. ======================== ***PERMISSION TO FORWARD GRANTED*** IT’S 2008! Can you believe it? A new year, a new opportunity […]
February 21, 2008


February 19, 2008

I’ve Been Tagged

by Carol Burnside…. Here’s the way it works if I’ve tagged you: 1. Link back to the person who tagged you.2. Post these rules on your […]
February 15, 2008


Chocolate!!! I swear my eyes have crossed from all the chocolate I’ve eaten… This isn’t too terrible, though. I mean, death by chocolate can’t be a […]
February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!
February 12, 2008

Live Like You Were Dying

I had intended to post a different Tim McGraw video here today, but that will have to wait for another post. I found out last night […]
February 10, 2008

I Danced With A Ninja Because I Can

Gotta love those funny e-mails. Play along and let everyone know the real you!!! Pick the month you were born: January——-I kickedFebruary——I lovedMarch——–I karate choppedApril———-I lickedMay———-I […]
February 8, 2008

Fun Quiz

You’re The Mists of Avalon! by Marion Zimmer Bradley You’re obsessed with Camelot in all its forms, from Arthurian legendto the Kennedy administration. Your favorite movie […]
February 7, 2008


I’m listening to Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I have her listed as one of my favorite authors on my Favorites Page of my website. […]
February 5, 2008

Love Me

January 29, 2008

What if…

I just read this post today by Rhonda Nelson at the Soapbox Queens Blog. As a huge fan of country music – and sexy men – […]
January 25, 2008

Critique Groups – Long Distance Critiquing

C- Choose the Group that’s right for you – Long Distance Critiquing I’m sorry for being tardy in getting this post out to you. We’ve had […]