April 7, 2008

Websites – MySpace!!!!

Post #5 – MySpace – How easy is it? Don’t you just love Brad Paisley? I think this video and song for ‘Online’ is hilarious. It’s […]
March 25, 2008

Websites – Ugghhh!

Post #4 Now that you have somewhat of an idea about the time and money building a website entails, I want to give you a wakeup […]
March 21, 2008

Websites – Guest Blogger

As promised, I have a guest blogger for you today. Devon Gray is a wonderfully energetic person and her enthusiasm for life really shows through in […]
November 19, 2007

New Updates on My Website

Still pretty busy, but I do have some updates on my website. Check out the new links I’ve added to my Favorite Links page and my […]
November 13, 2007

Still Tweaking the Site

I’m still working out the kinks on this blog site. So, until I’m finished, check out the book I’m currently reading by Jill Monroe called Tall, […]