October 11, 2010

Great Week

I had the best week. Spent a few days visiting my parents. My dad is doing okay with his Alzheimer’s. He got upset twice, but the […]
October 5, 2010

Fun YouTube Song

This is just too fun! This group sounds like they have a great time.
October 4, 2010

So Much Going On!!!!

October 1, 2010

Diet Update

The diet has stalled the last few weeks. I’m still at 15 pounds down. I’ve just been so swamped with everything that I’m only able to […]
September 29, 2010

Awesome, Awesome Workshop!!!!

I spent all day Saturday in Birmingham Alabama with the Southern Magic Romance Writer’s Chapter attending an awesome class. My fellow Petit Fours and Hot Tamales […]
September 28, 2010

Funny fan remake of Twilight film

I’m a big Twilight fan, so I had to really laugh at this video. If you have a few minutes to waste, check it out…grin…
September 27, 2010

Had a great weekend!!!

Hope you did, too!
September 22, 2010

Great Song

Yesterday was my birthday and I was so busy that I didn’t make any plans for the blog today. So I’ll share a fun song. It’s […]
September 21, 2010

Cute Kitty – Yes, I did just say that…

Regardless of my thoughts on their covert activities, even I think this video is just too cute for words….