May 9, 2008

Summer Writing Challenge Check In

SUMMER WRITING CHALLENGE Today is the first check in day. We are still at five people in the challenge. If you know of someone else who […]
May 6, 2008

Books I LOVE!!!!!

I have to admit I was doing the Snoopy’s dance when I found out I was going to be Jennifer LaBrecque’s PAL (published author liaison) for […]
May 6, 2008

Having a Bad Day???

I have to admit that mine is pretty good right now. But I do have a friend who is not having the best of weeks, so […]
April 30, 2008

Baby Birds

Did I mention that I’m trying to sell my house? Or how hard it has been to keep the house neat for when the Realtors show […]
April 29, 2008

Summer Writing Challenge

Summer Writing Challenge May, June, July and August – Four Months of Writing!!!We’ve done the month long writing challenges. We’ve done the 100 Words in 100 […]
April 25, 2008

Over 30 – Yeah, yeah. Another one!!!

If you are 30 or older you will think this is hilarious! When I was a kid, adults used to bore me to tears with their […]
April 24, 2008

Almost There!!!! And Reflecting

Woohoo!!! I’m on the downhill slide… Three more to go!!! I’ll take the on-line test right after I publish this post and then the other two […]
April 22, 2008

Finals Week – Aaaggghhh!!!!

I’m here – but not really. Finals week!!! Six tests in four days…. Hopefully, if I have any hair left, I’ll check back in later in […]
April 18, 2008

Guest Blogger – Trish Milburn

I was very excited when Trish Milburn said she would guest blog today. I’ve been following Trish’s journey to publication for a couple of years now […]